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Madison realtor helps you find your perfect home that fits your budget and lifestyle. As a home buyer you may have a lot of questions and doubts about a property and exactly for this reason an experienced Madison real estate agent is required who is familiar with the area and surroundings.

Maria Antoinette is a well-known name in the real estate industry and is famous for her real estate knowledge and the level of trustworthiness which she earned for many years of hard work and commitment towards her clients.

The journey of buying or investing in real estate becomes really easy when you have an experienced realtor guiding you at every step. If you are looking for a home for sale in Madison, WI then we recommend contacting the best realtor in the Dane County.

Find us on Google maps and check for directions to have a one on one discussion.

Madison WI real estate consists of a variety of property choices for home buyers and investors. One can choose to buy a small condo or a luxurious independent house, bungalow or even a prime location land in short Madison is the city that can cater to all of your property needs.

Find Local Madison Realtor

Finding a local Madison realtor can be a hard nut to crack as you will find a Madison Realtorlong list of realtors when you search for one online. In order to crack the code of finding the best real estate agent in Madison WI, you first need to check for their experience in the market along with their market value in terms of trust, knowledge, and skills.

Maria Antoinette, a proud Madison realtor has it all when it comes to realty in Madison WI. This has been proven multiple times over the years and can be verified by every client she has ever dealt with.

The market conditions keep changing continuously and it can really tough to get a good deal when buying or selling your property. An experienced realtor becomes really important in these conditions as they can help you to get maximum benefit even in the down market.

Key points that make a realtor stand out of the competition and is also the right choice for you:

  • Years spent in the market
  • Number of closed deals
  • Negotiation skills
  • Community knowledge
  • Reviews & Referrals
  • Information on the current market trend
  • Property specialty
  • Location awareness

These elements help you filter out from a huge list of local realtors and choose the most suitable realtor for your needs. Maria Antoinette is a local realtor serving the area for more than 10 years and her knowledge about the market and neighborhood is outstanding.

Being the top real estate agent in Madison we try to understand your requirements and match that with the best-suited properties.

You get the opportunity to review the property and get a complete understanding of the real estate such as monthly fee, community, neighborhood, local amenities, basic expenses and more.

The value of having a trusted realtor by your side during a real estate deal is priceless, so be sure you have Maria Antoinette as your guardian angel when buying or selling your property.

Featured Madison Realtor Listings

We got a list of properties for sale right now and you can view them below.

Recently Listed Properties

If you have special requirements or need Maria to find a property as per your specific needs, feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting.

We have seen that a property stays on the market for an average of 3 months and mostly they get sold in merely a few weeks before being sold and the price range of the property can be between $1,20,000 to $8,90,000.

The biggest reason why Madison is the place to be is due to fact that it has everything for everyone from lakefront property to homes near all basic amenities along with luxury bungalows and condos there is so much more one can do here and really live an amazing life.

Madison Realtor Reviews by Customers

Reviews help us understand how a business or a professional is doing their job and helps a consumer make the right decision in terms whom to give their business and expect great results.

The reviews work in the same way when it comes to realtors, a good agent will have clients spreading the good word about them and their work.

Here are some awesome reviews left by clients for Maria, we want to thank them for taking out the time to do this for us and we promise to keep your trust alive by providing the best services to all our clients.


Reviews are highly important for agents in Madison as it raises their credibility and builds trust in the market in the eyes of potential customers.

We got a ton of recommendations and reviews by many of our clients some are online and some have been sent out to us in the form of postcards, gifts, and well wishes.

All in all, we have a 5-star rating in the real estate industry for our dedication and professionalism which can be verified by all means directly by our customers.

We don’t ask for reviews from our customers thus any review we have online or offline are made by clients who felt like we did an extraordinary job for them and decided to tell us and everyone about it.

When we see a review about us online or in a postcard sent by a client we feel really happy and overwhelmed. It’s surprising to see clients sharing their experience with the world and makes us feel that we are doing something good in the industry.

Happy customers are the lifeline of a business and we are lucky to have so many of them.

Property tips by an experienced Madison realtor

Buying a property in Madison is a great investment and also a really nice place to live. As an experienced realtor, I have some tips for you that would help in making the real estate sale and purchase easier and beneficial.

  • Try avoiding putting your property on the market during winters as the sales are on the low side during winters especially during the months of November, December, and January.
  • Share your investment budget and requirements clearly with the realtor. This helps you get a good deal fast and avoids wastage of time, energy and money.
  • If you are planning on a loan then it’s always better to get a pre-approved loan and only then start looking for a property. This helps you avoid the last minute financial burden or liability.
  • Check on the amenities and nearby facilities available like hospitals schools, clinics, grocery stores, lake etc. that are important for you.
  • As a seller, staging your property is the best way to get a quick deal as buyers can get a realistic view of living in the property and be comfortable with the new place quickly.

If you need any help and advice with staging or interior design then I strongly recommend taking to Maria Antoinette by calling on 608-692-5177 as she is an expert at staging and interior designing.

Madison real estate trends and predictions by Pro Madison Realtor

Here is a chart to showcase the data of the real estate sold in Madison, WI which shows us a 6% increase in the homes sold and also a 3.4% growth in the price per square feet of properties for sale in Madison WI.

Madison WI real estate trends

The median list price in Madison, WI is $280,000 USD. The lowest listing price was at $65,000 and the highest property listing price was close to 2 million dollars.

The market is slow during the winter holiday season and also in January and February however it is also the best time for buyers as the market is slow they are more likely to get a good deal on their offer price.

New listings have been growing every year in Madison WI which makes it a really friendly and healthy market for buyers, sellers & investors.

The return of investment is higher and one can flip properties quickly and earn a decent profit.


I hope this resource helped you in making a better decision in choosing the right Madison realtor along with understanding the real estate market.

Maria Antoinette is a trustworthy name in the real estate industry and is the right realtor to have by your side when closing a deal on a property.

Feel free to call 608-692-5177 or send an email to